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Take a closer look at the food choices you make everyday—what impact on your health and the environment are you having? Join the VegPledge to make it a positive one. VegPledges cover everything from what you eat, to how it’s produced and how you purchase it. We invite you to browse the list of pledges below and click on the pledges to know more. Are you up for the VegPledge challenge?

5 Veg & 2 Fruit

Eat Organic

Ditch the Dairy

Veg Adventures

Go Vegan

Shop Local

Whole Day WholeFoods

Plant a Herb

Meatfree Mondays

VegOut @ Work

Veg In with Friends

Smoothie Criminal

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About VegPledge

VegPledge 2015

Do you want to make a REAL difference? You can … and it’s easy! By taking the VegPledge you can choose to do something large or small to reduce your carbon footprint, improve your health and stop cruelty to animals. With over seven billion people on the face of the earth, the planet is feeling our weight like never before. By making just one just a small change in your daily eating habits the effects are enormous when spread over so many people. Not only that, you will become more aware of the connection between the food on your plate and how large a part it plays on our beautiful planet. The really good news is that your personal dietary choices do not rely on governments, corporations or any other person to make a difference. It is entirely up to you. Simply making changes to what you do every day will affect your future and that of every other being on the planet. Are you up for it? Go ahead take the Vegpledge. So what inspired us to create the VegPledge? V Stars members, Donna, Tim, Nikki and Bob came together to do something like this in 2010. We did the VegPledges and we celebrated with a picnic. In 2015, we have the IVU delegates coming to Australia for the World Veg Fest. This is the first time in over 100 years these leaders visiting Sydney and Melbourne. From Africa to Amazon, our food choice is impacting our nature like never before. Check out the events page. Coinciding with this V Stars members were inspired to create the VegPledge to share how more plants on our plates can really change the world. Special thanks to Ashleen, for the designs and Kumaresh for the web wizard-work and Mark for editing the content. Warning: There are side effects to the VegPledge. You may feel a whole lot better. Your carbon foot print will reduce. You’ll create a cleaner world. Factory farming will reduce. And we’ll have enough food to billions more people. Boom!

  • For the Environment

    Sustainable Planet

  • For the Health

    Improves Your Well Being

  • For the Animals

    Voice for the Voiceless

  • For the Community

    Happy People, Happy Community

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